My two very active and involved kids have books for every point in life.  Part of the reason Tessera continues to add books for older children is that I didn’t want to stop recording memories and milestones as the kids aged-out of the baby and grade school books.

One of the pages I use the most is the Places, Activities & Memories pages – sold in 12 page packs.  Pages are simply lined with room for a photo or keepsake. A great addition to any Tessera memory book especially our Baby, Grade School, Middle School,and High School books. 

We love to travel, and I mostly use them for family trips, but I’ll also use them when we have an event I want to memorialize, like our annual Halloween party.  I find it a super-easy way to document something without having to give it too much thought or effort. I record the date and a few details and highlights. By adding a picture on the front of the page, and often others on the back gives the page a finishing touch.  It’s one of the advantages of having the back of the page always blank, there’s plenty of extra room for photos or mementos. Plus it’s easy for me to duplicate, so I can add them to both of my kids’ books.  

It is such a quick and easy way to document all of our family time and a cute addition to their books. I have a small stack of these at home and try to quickly fill them out after a trip or a family party.  It usually turns out that I put them in a stack and then add them to the appropriate book later; I’m much better at doing single pages then I am keeping my books completely organized and up to date. It’s so hard to find the time to document all of those special moments or organize the family pictures, which is why these pages make it so simple to keep all the memories fresh and cherished. A great way to create a beautiful keepsake without having to be too crafty or creative!