As a company that has primarily focused on the excitement of welcoming a new child, we recognize that not all paths to parenting are without heartbreak or loss. When we designed our Letters to You Keepsake, it was with several purposes in mind. One of those purposes was to help parents process the emotions and complicated feelings of child or infant loss through written word.

When Emily reached out to us in hopes of creating a memory book for her stillborn daughter, we were honored to help.

“I want to create a book that will hold my pregnancy memories and keepsakes without having to tear out the milestone pages included in a typical baby book. I like the idea of using the pages to journal, too.”

Journaling, a well-known method of anxiety and stress relief, can “short circuit the chronic stress following traumatic events.” (Lisa Shulman, MD, FAAN, professor of neurology at UMD; It’s a way to help one work through their grief and can often provide a sense of calm following miscarriage or infant loss.

With this in mind, we suggested that Emily start with Letters to You, then add on select pages from the Baby Memory Book to capture her pregnancy memories. Letters to You includes 30 pages titled “A Letter to You” + 10 blank pages.

Letters to You Keepsake book shown with open pages

Creating the Memory Book

Emily chose our White Leaf Silk Cover with an Ivory Satin Ribbon for her Memory Book. She loved the thought of using the pages to write to her daughter and navigate her loss journey.

From the Baby Memory Book, she added Pregnancy Memories, Choosing Your Name, The Delivery, and Your Hands and Feet pages. (This can be done by ordering Replacement Book Pages or Any Single Page).  She also chose Keepsake Envelope pages for cards. Emily planned to use the blank pages in her book to add ultrasounds and photos from her pregnancy. Together we created a one-of-a-kind keepsake that would preserve the memories of her time with her daughter.

White Leaf Silk Letters to You Memory Book for Infant Loss

We’re Here to Help

Infant loss and miscarriage are deeply personal, difficult, and emotional subjects for many. If it is a part of your history, our hope is that our products can help in some small way. While everyone grieves differently, we believe writing can heal and that your memories should be easily and beautifully preserved.

If you have any questions about creating a custom keepsake, please reach out to us – we’d love to help.


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The Best Baby Memory Book

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A modern twist on a classic tradition, our best-selling Baby Memory Book is better than ever! We’ve always recognized that all family structures deserve to be celebrated, and now our Baby Book works for single parents, two moms, or two dads without having to purchase additional replacement pages.