Recording milestones in a baby book has become a time-honored tradition for many parents.

But when you’re suddenly in charge of keeping a tiny human alive and sleep is an abstract concept, keeping up with it is probably the last thing on your mind.

So do you actually need one?

If you’re looking for a tangible way to capture the firsts and the little moments that would otherwise be forgotten in the whirlwind (and exhaustion) of becoming a new parent, then yes!

With all that growing and changing a baby does in their first year, time goes startlingly fast. Each month brings a new and exciting milestone. A Baby Memory Book is a simple and beautiful way to capture those precious milestones and more. Plus it’s a great way to get photos – that would otherwise be lost to the cloud – off your phone. It’s a keepsake both you and your child will cherish!

To get the most out of your Baby Memory Book, here are some tips.

Start with the Details You Want

Just as no two babies are the same, with Tessera, neither are their Memory Books! We designed our books with flexibility in mind. Just because you didn’t have a baby shower for your second baby, doesn’t mean your book should have a blank page! Simply get rid of the pages that don’t apply. Then, if you choose, add pages to make it uniquely yours.

Keep It Close

Make it easy on yourself and keep your Baby Memory Book somewhere accessible. Stash it on your nightstand, by your baby’s rocking chair, or somewhere else you frequent. When you have 5 or 10 minutes, flip through the pages and jot down the milestones or memories. If you have time, add in photos – or don’t, and get those extra few minutes to relax. Memory keeping should be simple and fun!

Use Pictures to Jog Your Memory

Ask any new mom – the sleep deprivation is real! So if you forget the exact date of a milestone, don’t panic. Break out your cell phone and flip through your camera roll to jog your memory. You’ll likely have a picture of the milestone as it’s happening, or the surrounding pictures will tell enough of a story that you can figure it out. And if you still aren’t sure of the date, there’s no shame in using a month (or season) as a milestone marker in your book.

Utilize the Keepsake Box

More than just a safe spot to keep your Memory Book, the box your book came in is the perfect size for holding photos, papers from baby’s visit to the pediatrician, cards, and other mementos. Use it to store the items you want to add to your book later on.

Don’t Stress!

Our Baby Memory Book is meant to be simple-to-complete and stress-free. If you don’t remember to record the moments as they happen, that’s okay! Fill in what you can and use our guide to creating a baby memory book after the fact if needed. You’ll love the keepsake you create no matter what!

Shop our Baby Memory Book.

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The Best Baby Memory Book

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A modern twist on a classic tradition, our best-selling Baby Memory Book is better than ever! We’ve always recognized that all family structures deserve to be celebrated, and now our Baby Book works for single parents, two moms, or two dads without having to purchase additional replacement pages.