How We Started

Our Story started when our founder, Susan, became a first-time mom and set out on a search for a simple and modern baby memory book. When she couldn’t find a memory book that concentrated more on personal details and memories rather than graphics, she thought the flexibility of a scrapbook might be a better option. But as any parent knows, they really do grow up so fast! She quickly realized there just wasn’t enough time in her day to keep track of everything she wanted to record and start a scrapbook from scratch. Not finding any alternative options she thought, why not create a baby memory book that would be both beautiful and flexible? And so, our Baby Memory Book was born along with Tessera Publishing soon after.

How We Grew

Just like a mosaic, life is made up of tiny, crazy, happy, exciting, and heartbreaking moments, and when pieced together, all of these moments make a beautiful and unique story. These stories deserve to be celebrated, recorded, and passed down.

Tessera definition

It started with the Baby Memory Book but we soon realized just how many of our memories through life go undocumented and slowly fade away. In such a digital age, most of our memories stay filed away on our camera rolls, acquiring more and more of our phone’s storage. This is why we wanted to design a beautiful and easy way to create a tangible keepsake for every stage of life. Our Memory Book collection grew, spanning from birth through childhood, all the way through some of the most important adult milestones. To get the kids involved and capture even more childhood memories, we released a series of Kids Journals that make for a fun activity and keepsake!

The Tessera Difference

Our build-your-own model allows for everyone to design a customized and personal memory book. To bring your book to life, we curated an enormous collection of customization options. With over 25 different covers to choose from and even more cover accent options, the possibilities are endless.

But what makes our Memory Books truly different? It all started with the Baby Memory Book, and after numerous drafts attempting to make “the perfect” book we realized, there isn’t one! No story is the same! Therefore, we would never be able to make the perfect baby book for everyone. It was important that the interior/story was just as personal and customized as the exterior.

Designed with screw post binding making all our memory books can be easily taken apart, giving unlimited flexibility with pages. It was our intention to, make it easy to take pages out as you work on them, remove pages that didn’t necessarily fit your story, add even more pages when you run out of room, and ultimately make the recording process as simple as possible.

In order to embrace and celebrate everyone’s unique story, we created Additional Insert Pages as a companion to our memory books. Each page pack was thoughtfully developed and span a variety of events and occasions. Whether you adopted a child and need to exchange a few of the baby book pages or simply need more guest book pages for your wedding shower book, we thought of it! Memory books can be simply transformed to tell your story in the best way possible and add more detail. What makes Tessera different is all your unique and special stories.

The Tessera Guarantee

All our products are carefully designed and made with premium materials. For years we have been expanding and perfecting our collection of high-quality customization option material so you can create that perfect book that brings you joy. Made with love, each memory book is hand-assembled and meticulously crafted, guaranteed to exceed your expectations. If you are unhappy with any aspect of your order, let us know, we are happy to make things right!

You inspire us! Most of our products were inspired and created with the help of our customers! Hearing your stories helped shape so many of our products and we are truly thankful for those whole have shared those precious moments with us. We strive to make sure all stories are told and love developing products with customers in order to do so! Send us some suggestions or write a product review. Be sure to tag us on Instagram to share your books or journals! As a small business, feedback is greatly appreciated!