Our Story

It all started with an excited and ambitious first-time mom, Susan. As many new parents know, your mind starts spinning in a million different directions, fueling countless new ideas, projects, and goals. With a never ending to-do list to get done before the baby arrives, time seems to start moving faster and all the expectations start to seem more like a fantasy. Soon enough, the baby is born and it turns out there isn’t enough time to eat let alone complete all the dreamed up projects.

Before her daughter was born, a cute and detailed baby book was one of Susan’s projects she hoped to keep up with. A keepsake to show her daughter where she came from and what made her who she is today. So, she searched high and low for a classy, cute, and modern baby book. It was important that it concentrated more on the details and memories unique to their family and less about the artwork. Some of the books out there were very cute but seemed a little cheesy. Without much luck, Susan ended up buying a beautiful scrapbook. Now the possibilities were endless! She could add all the information she wanted while making it look exactly how she envisioned. It gave the ability to create a completely customized and heartfelt keepsake. It was a perfect idea!

Quickly, those expectations didn’t seem to realistic. Starting a scrapbook from scratch takes a lot of time, thought, and creativity which Susan found out she had none of with a newborn in hand. So the project become one of the tasks on the to-do list that and would “get done another time”.

A few years later and news of a second child on the way, realization that her kids wouldn’t have a baby book, let alone a customized and special one that she dreamed up, set in. The parent guilt kicked in and so Susan set out to find something that was a little more attainable.

Disappointed to find she was running into the same problems years later. She didn’t want to spend a lot of time and money putting something together she wasn’t 100% happy with. Determined and inspired, she set out to fix the problem herself!

Soon the prototyping began! After carefully designing and brainstorming all the information and features to be included, the construction of the first baby memory book was put into motion. So along with Susan’s second child, Tessera Publishing was born.

That one idea was the sparked the foundation of the company. Through years of, brainstorming, prototyping, failing, and growing, Tessera now has a collection of over 25 different memory books, numerous Addition Insert Page Packs, and fun Kids Journals! Keepsakes for virtually every occasion making it easy to capture the important milestones through all stages of life!

The Tessera Difference

Tessera Publishing was built on the goal to create a timeless memory book personalized for any and all consumers! It seemed as though there were no books out there that embraced the differences in families and showcased their uniqueness. Everyone comes from different places and have their own unique stories, so why should everyone have the same manufactured memory book? Here at Tessera Publishing, we thrive off the creativity of others. We simply want to make the tools available to help bring the community’s ideas, style, and creativity to life.

Tessera (tes-er-uh):
a small piece of tile, stone or glass used to make a mosaic

The meaning of the word Tessera is “a small piece of tile, stone or glass used to make a mosaic.” Susan knew her children’s story, style, and situation would be completely different than any others so no book should be the same. Our company works to provide all the pieces to make your own beautiful “mosaic”.

Customization Options


~Design the Exterior to Express Your Style~

Create a keepsake with your own personalized touches!

Choose a cover– over 30 cover options made of cloth, leather, handmade paper, or silk to choose from. Celebrate your personal style!

Add a ribbon– 35 grosgrain and satin ribbon collection to add to the front cover.

Design a personalized cover plaque- For the exteriors finishing touch create a custom plaque with up to three lines of text. Add a name, date, monogram, or just about any text you want. You have the ability to select font type, text color, and cardstock color.

~Personalize the interior to voice your own story~

The customization doesn’t stop with the exterior! As we said before, we know all families and stories are different, so how can you make a prompted memory book to suit everyone? You can’t!

Adjustable Pages- Our books are designed with screw post binding and only print on one side. This allows for pages to be easily added or removed without losing any additional details or pages. So if pages don’t apply to your particular story, or you just can’t find the time to fill it out, easy, just remove it!

Additional Insert Pages- We don’t want you to lose any details just because the prompted pages don’t apply to your story! So to adjust the book to all situations or add more detail, we created a collection of Additional Insert Page Packs. All packs were carefully thought through to replace pages in certain situations and capture even more memories! Page packs come in a set of 12 pages which can be easily added to any Tessera memory book.

Some of our most popular page inserts- Adopted Child, Two Moms/Two Dads, Pregnancy Details, and About Grandparents for our Baby Memory Books along with numerous others for our entire line of memory books.

What We Believe In

We truly believe that all of our customer stories should be heard and celebrated. Most of our products were developed because of this belief. Customers who contacted us and asked for certain requests are the inspiration in which expanded our product line. Our entire company was built on real people and real stories which is exactly what makes these products so special. We love to hear from our customers and those who have contacted us or asked for certain requests have been the inspiration to the extension of our product lines.

A mosaic a beautiful picture or pattern made by arranging small colored pieces of hard material

Just like a mosaics life is made up of tiny, crazy, happy, exciting, and heartbreaking moments. But when pieced together, all of these moments make a beautiful story. These stories deserve to be celebrated, recorded, and passed down.