In the very few times in your life that you’ll be on the hunt for (or gifted) a baby book, you want that book to capture the moments that tend to slip by faster than you can say “newborn.” You want to remember the things that matter, like that first smile, the first laugh, the first time they took a step into your arms.

Your baby book exists to preserve a moment; to bring it back to life when your children are grown and the sound of pitter-pattering footsteps down the hall are years gone. It’s a treasure to be passed down, a complete story of the beginning of a beautiful life that should be custom designed to fit your unique family.

At Tessera, your families are the reason we do what we do, and why we continue to design tailor-made Memory Books that expand well into those childhood years and beyond. But what truly makes a memory book? It’s the families that create them!

Our goal is to capture all of the moments that are important to you in a simple and meaningful way, and we love to see how you complete your Memory Book with those pages. Read on to hear from one of our favorite Tessera customers for inspiration!

Family Feature – Chessie

“I love your books and the only thing I enjoy more than working on them is looking back on them with my kids. These books are so well made and they give enough direction that I just fill it out, but I also have the option to add pages that are important to our family. The selection of pages covers everything I could want!”

Chessie loves our Additional Insert Pages. These pages are designed to expand your book (easily done with our adjustable screw post bindings!) and include more memories of those first years and beyond! How sweet is the picture of her little one’s first Halloween from our Baby’s First Holiday Pages?! She also uses the blank space on the back of the pages to include more pictures. It’s the perfect way to store all of those adorable printed memories!