At Tessera, we want to provide a lasting way to preserve your memories. But how do you make those memories when you’re spending most of your days at home? If your Valentine’s Day looks a little different this year, not to worry -we have 4 fun date-night-at-home ideas to make your day special.

Stream a Cooking Class

Attending a cooking class is something I’ve always wanted to do with my husband, but when you’re tasked with finding a class that offers the type of cuisine you’d both enjoy, plus you have to secure and pay for a sitter, this date night idea has always gone on the back-burner. Now, with so many more streaming options available, the possibilities are endless! Pour yourselves a glass of wine and settle into the comfort of your own home to start cooking after the kids go to bed. Services like Cuiline offer classes from chefs all over the world, and they send the ingredients you need to get started straight to your door. You spend time learning to cook your dish with the chef via Zoom, and when the class is over, you have a multi-course meal to enjoy for two!

Set up a Game Night

When is the last time you broke out the Scrabble board? If you’ve found yourself in the rut of turning on Netflix every night, Valentine’s Day is the perfect reason to turn off the TV, turn on some music, and break out your favorite board games! Who doesn’t love a little friendly competition? Raise the stakes and offer the winner a prize. Loser has to give a foot rub? I’m all in.

Create an In-home Spa Experience

With all that Amazon has to offer, it’s easy to transform your living room into a serene getaway. Light some candles, break out the face masks, and stick your feet in a spa. Complete the experience by diffusing some essential oils and streaming Soothing Spa Sounds on Spotify. You’ll forget you’re sitting on your own couch in no time.

Big Screen Movie at Home

If you’re like me, whether it’s because of young kids or choosing to stay home, you’re missing date nights out at the movie theater. But did you know that you can now stream in-theater movies directly to your TV? For $20 (less than the cost of two tickets at most theaters!), you can watch the latest blockbusters from your own couch using Vudu or on Apple TV+. Take it a step further and give your space a real movie theater feel by renting a projector and a screen! If the weather is cooperating, you can make the experience really special by moving your date outside for a night under the stars.

Let us know if you try one of our date nights for Valentine’s Day this year, or if you have ideas of your own that you’d like to share. Most importantly – don’t forget to record your memories in your Our Love Story Memory Book!

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