Single Page – Rainbow Baby


Known as a Rainbow Baby, this is a baby born after a miscarriage, stillbirth, or neonatal death. Add this lined page to your Baby Memory Book to celebrate your rainbow! Record how you announced, special memories, or write a letter to your little one celebrating sunny days ahead. View Rainbow Baby sample page.

All Companion Pages can be seamlessly added to any Tessera Memory Book by using the adjustable screw post binding.

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Rainbow Baby Page

As an add-on to our Memory Books, we have designed 12-page packs of Companion Pages. These pages are easy to add and fit seamlessly into any Tessera Memory Book. Companion Pages provide a simple way to customize any book for every family by adding more information and detail, or by increasing the pages for life events. View all Companion Pages available.

This Rainbow Baby Page is a single, acid-free, heavyweight lined page designed to be added to Tessera’s Baby Memory Book. Choose from two titles: Celebrating Our Rainbow or Celebrating My Rainbow. View Rainbow Baby Sample Page. The screw post binding makes it easy to add or remove pages allowing customization unique to you. For more information on how to add Companion Pages click here.

Tessera Guarantee

All our products are carefully designed and made with premium materials. For years we have been expanding and perfecting our collection of high-quality customization option material so you can create that perfect book that brings you joy. Made with love, each memory book is hand-assembled and meticulously crafted, guaranteed to exceed your expectations. If you are unhappy with any aspect of your order, let us know, we are happy to make things right!


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