More Grade School Years Pages


If the number of grades vary at a school, you can easily expand
your Grade School Memory Book with this Insert Page pack.
Each pack includes twelve pages and adds two more years.

All Additional Insert Page packs can be seamlessly added to any
Tessera Memory Book by using the adjustable screw post binding.


As a companion to our Memory Books, we have designed 12-page packs of Additional “Insert” Pages.  These pages are easy to add and fit seamlessly into any Tessera Memory Book. Additional Insert Pages provide a simple way to customize any book for every family by adding more information and detail, or by increasing the pages for life events. View all Additional Insert Pages available.

This Insert Pack includes 12 acid-free, heavyweight pages that expands your Grade School Memory Book.  The page titles in this pack are: School Year Memories (2), Class Picture (2), Favorites (2), Important Events (2), Birthday (2), Blank (2). View More Grade School Years Pages.

These pages are designed to be added to the Grade School Memory Book. The screw post binding makes it easy to add or remove pages allowing customization unique to you. For more information on how to add Additional Inserts click here.

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