Tessera Publishing LLC

Tessera (tes-er-uh):

a small piece of tile, stone or glass used to make a mosaic

Like you, we at Tessera were looking for a way to document all of our families’ major events, but were intimidated by the amount of time and level of creative skill required to make a great memory book.  We wanted the flexibility of a scrapbook, without the time required to make a unique memory book.

We started the company because Susan couldn’t find a baby book for her first child.  When she couldn’t find a book that was classy, not cheesy…with room for important information but not an overwhelming amount…with a nice design but was more about the information and less about the artwork…she bought a beautiful scrapbook.  Unfortunately she quickly realized she was born without that gene.  Sorry, her daughter wasn’t going to get a baby book.  Upon the birth of her son 2 1/2 years later she was resolved to the fact that her children were not going to have baby books.

But that didn’t seem right, and she was no quitter!  So why not create a baby memory book that would be both beautiful and flexible.  Her family was “typical” with a husband, wife and two kids, but why did all books assume that this was the case?  And why couldn’t you pick the pages you wanted in the book?  So we designed our books so that you can easily add or take out pages, and printed on one side only so you have complete control over which pages are included.  The other side can be left blank, or used for pictures and keepsakes.

And if you don’t get to filling out all of the information, just take those pages out of the book, nobody should have a baby memory book or guest book that is half blank.