About Us

At Tessera, our goal is to help you document the memories special to your unique family with our customized and personal Memory Books and Kids Journals in a way that is beautiful, simple, and fun!

Tessera Publishing LLC
Definition of Tessera

Just like a mosaic, life is made up of tiny, crazy, happy, exciting, and heartbreaking moments, and when pieced together, all of these moments make a beautiful and unique story. These stories deserve to be celebrated, recorded, and passed down!


Our build-your-own model allows you to design a book fit to your individual style. To bring your book to life, we curated a vast collection of customization options. With over 25 different covers to choose from and even more cover accent options, the possibilities are endless!

But what makes our Memory Books truly different? It all started with the Baby Memory Book, and after numerous attempts to make “the perfect” book we realized, there isn’t one! No story is the same! So we created an interior that can be just as customized as the exterior.


Our books are designed with screw post binding, which make them easy to take apart, and gives you unlimited flexibility with the pages. As you work on filling out your book, you can easily remove pages that don’t necessarily fit your experience, and you can add pages to expand on your memories.

Twins and Foreign Adoption Inserts


In order to embrace and celebrate everyone’s unique story, we created Additional Insert Pages as a companion to our Memory Books. Each page pack was thoughtfully developed with you in mind and span a variety of events and occasions. Whether you adopted a child and need to exchange a few of the Baby Book pages or simply need more Guest Book Pages for your Wedding Shower Book, we have you covered!


All our products are carefully designed and made with premium materials. For years we have been expanding and perfecting our collection of high-quality customization option material so you can create that perfect book that brings you joy. Made with love, each memory book is hand-assembled and meticulously crafted, guaranteed to exceed your expectations. If you are unhappy with any aspect of your order, let us know, we are happy to make things right!

How We Started

More on where it began and what inspired us.