Congratulations are in order! Whether you’re the bride-to-be or you’re celebrating the marriage of a friend or family member, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite wedding gifts.

Pass along our Gift Guide for a nudge in the right direction or take some of the pressure off of yourself to choose the perfect gift. All of our Customizable Memory Books come ready to gift in a keepsake box, so no matter what you choose, we have you covered! 

  1. Wedding Shower Keepsake
  2. Guest Book 
  3. Wedding Guest & Memory Book 
  4. Anniversary Memory Book 
  5. Family Memory Book 
  6. Blank Book Photo Album 
  7. I’m In A Wedding Kids Journal
  8. I’m Going to a Wedding Kids Journal

Wedding Shower Keepsake

A personalized keepsake, gorgeous guest book, and perfect wedding shower gift all in one!

Tessera’s Wedding Shower Keepsake turns the concept of a simple guest book into a beautiful keepsake filled with personal messages and advice from loved ones. There’s room for 30 guests to write notes and advice to the couple, additional pages to capture the shower details and gifts, and blank pages for pictures and keepsakes.

Need more or less guest pages? Adjustable screw post binding allows for pages to be easily added or removed. 

Navy Wedding Shower Guest & Memory Book with pink flat lay ribbon and plaque staged with flowers

The perfect wedding shower keepsake for any bride-to-be!

Well Wishes & Advice for newlyweds

Well Wishes & Advice Pages can be added or removed

Guest Book

A traditional Guest Book with a Tessera twist!

This modern Guest Book can be customized with your choice of cover, a ribbon, and a plaque. It makes the perfect addition to any wedding or pre-wedding event! This Guest Book comes with 41 guest pages selected from your choice of 5 different guest page layouts including lined, boxed, blank with scroll detailing, blank with dot detailing, and well wishes.

Additional guest pages can be added, or pages can be removed so your Guest Book will look and feel complete.

Guest Book with Olive Cover and Navy and white striped flat lay ribbon under a navy and white guest book plaque

Select your choice of guest pages to fit your style and number of guests

5 guest page options

Wedding Guest & Memory Book 

A modern guest book for the bride who wants to capture it all!

This Wedding Guest & Memory Book includes your style choice of 20 guest pages and makes a great gift for the bride-to-be. Prompted pages to document the wedding details and extra blank pages for photos and memorabilia make it a keepsake. Adjustable screw post binding ensures that unlike other guest books, there will be no uncompleted pages.

With options to customize the cover, ribbon, and plaque, this Wedding Guest & Memory Book will be cherished by the wedded couple for years to come! 

Same Sex Wedding Guest Book with Satin Gold Bow and gold plaque

A modern twist on a traditional guest book. Record guests and wedding details in this custom keepsake.

Wedding Ceremony Details Page


Anniversary Memory Book

This Anniversary Memory Book keepsake provides two prompted pages to record details for 12 years, with additional pages to add special memories. Year after year, the couple can record how and where they celebrated, a look at their life, and their favorite things to do together.

Each page has blank space on the back for photos and keepsakes, and there is plenty of room to add additional years with our Additional Insert Pages.

It’s a beautiful wedding gift that will become a couple’s yearly tradition!

Tan Swirl Silk Anniversary Memory Book with Gold Plaque

A wonderful gift that the couple can use to record their anniversary memories for years to come

Family Memory Book

A thoughtful wedding gift for the newlyweds, this Family Memory Book can be completed by the couple in real-time, or all at once as a time capsule of their good memories over the years.

The 42 pages of this Memory Book make it easy to document the details of holiday gatherings, important events, and vacations. Each page has a line for a title or description, a line for a date or dates, and lines for Details and Favorite Memories.

The couple can start their Memory Book by recording the day they moved in together, wedding details, their honeymoon, or any event of their choosing. 

Green Family Memory Book with Navy Polka Dot ribbon and plaque

A great gift for the newlyweds to start recording years of their favorite memories together.

Photo Album

Looking for flexibility in your wedding gift?

Use our Blank Book and Photo Accessories to create a photo album of the couple getting married, or give it as a gift waiting to be filled out. The couple can use it as a wedding or honeymoon photo album or scrapbook.

Each blank page provides plenty of room for 2 standard-sized photos, space for writing, and memorabilia. 

Wedding Guest Book with Satin Ribbon and brown plaque

Use the flexibility of a Blank Book to create any custom wedding gift.

Kids Wedding Journals

Our I’m In A Wedding and I’m Going To A Wedding Kids Journals are great activities for a wedding’s young attendants and guests.

With prompts, checklists, and fill-in-the-blanks to capture the details of the day, kids and parents will love this activity turned keepsake. These Journals are a sweet gift from the couple getting married, or for parents looking for activities for children attending the wedding!

With the included sticker sheet and blank space for kids to draw and be creative, these Kids Journals make for a great reception or cocktail hour activity. 

Kids Wedding Journal with open page, sticker sheet, and props

Blank space on the back of each page allows for photos to be added at a later time.

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