At Tessera, we think grandparents love the time spent creating memories with family more than a trinket or the latest gadget. So why not give them the gift of memories preserved?

Perfect for all occasions, our gift guide is filled with thoughtful Kids Journals and beautiful Memory Books that Grandma and Grandpa are sure to love.

About My Grandmother and About My Grandfather Kids Journals

Give grandma or grandpa the gift of time spent together! These Kids Journals are designed as an activity for the child and grandparent to complete together. The simple prompts and fill-in-the-blanks provide a fun guide for the grandparent and grandchild to talk about and fill out the details of grandma or grandpa’s life. Blank space on the back of each page provides extra room for photos and drawings. A sticker sheet adds to the fun! Grandparents will love the quality time spent with their grandchildren as well as the keepsake that is created.

Red About My Grandmother Kids Journal with Sticker Sheet and Props

Green about my grandfather kids journal with sticker sheet and props

I Love You Grandma and I Love You Grandpa Kids Journals

“I love you!” What Grandparent doesn’t love to hear that? Our I Love You Grandma and I Love You Grandpa Kids Journals make a great gift for a child to give to their grandparent on Grandparent’s Day, a birthday, for Christmas, or just because. Kids can record all the ways their grandma or grandpa is special to them with the prompted pages and fill-in-the-blanks. All of our Kids Journals come with pages printed on only one side, so there is plenty of space for drawings and photos. A themed sticker sheet adds to the sentiment and the fun. Grandparents will cherish these activities-turned-keepsakes forever!

I Love My Grandma Kids Journal with open page, sticker sheet and props

Blue I Love You Grandfather Kids Journal with open page, colored pencils, and stickers

My Life Story Memory Book

Have your parents or grandparents ever started a conversation with “Have I told you about the time when…”?

With this Memory Book, they can now put all of those cherished stories into print. My Life Story is a special book that captures the details, memories, accomplishments, and wisdom of a life story. With well-thought-out prompted pages and the unique flexibility to add “what’s next,” this book is an easy and engaging way to create a family keepsake that can be enjoyed for generations. It’s a thoughtful gift that can be expanded with our Favorite Memories and Memories, Highlights, & Activities pages for a life story with many more chapters to go.

Christmas Memories Book

Our Christmas Memory Book is a wonderful gift for the parent or grandparent who loves everything about the holiday season. Designed to keep the memories at their finger-tips, this book has prompted pages for capturing the memories and highlights of 8 Christmases and can expand to fit more years. There’s plenty of space for cherished holiday memories on the back of each page. It’s a thoughtful gift any time of the year!

Christmas Memory Book with plaid ribbon bow and plaque on top of tessera green gift box

Times to Remember Keepsake

Give the gift of a family time capsule! Parents and grandparents will love recording all of the family events, holiday gatherings, and fun vacations with our Times to Remember Keepsake. Or, they can use this book as a way to record and reminisce on those cherished moments and events that have already passed. Each page has a line for A Time To Remember, a line for a date or dates, and additional lines to record the details. Easily add photos and mementos to the back of each page for a completed feel. Mom or grandma will love this thoughtful gift no matter the occasion!

Silver Blue Silk Memory Book with Navy Stripe Grosgrain Ribbon

Blank Book

Create a custom photo album with the help of our Blank Book! Whether you use photos of a family trip or outing, holiday gatherings, special occasions, or all of the above, parents and grandparents will cherish this memory book filled with photos of their favorite people. The Blank Book gives you the ultimate flexibility in creating a family keepsake. Write captions beside your photos, have your kids draw their own pictures, or place special mementos within the pages. The opportunities are endless!

seafoam paper blank memory book photo album with descriptive plaque and antique white bow

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