Tessera’s “Book plus Insert Pages” concept is what differentiates our Memory Books from others. We designed a memory book that is complete with the base pages. However, the days of Dad, Mom and 2.3 children are behind us, as are the days when everyone wants the same thing. We started Tessera so that everyone could easily create the book they want with the information they want to chronicle. It seems straightforward, but that’s not what is available from most products.

To help you customize a book that fits your life, you can add additional Tessera pages. You can capture the experience of adopting a child from a foreign country, or the details of your Destination Wedding. Find the specialized Tessera Memory Book Insert pack that completes your book. Some people buy several inserts, others don’t buy any. It’s all about making it yours. On average, Tessera sells two inserts pack with each Memory Book.

The book itself is approximately 12.5″ wide by 9.75″ tall (landscape). Due to the binding, the actual available page size is 11.5″ by 9.5″.
Each Tessera Memory Book comes with 42 pages which fit perfectly on our screw posts. If you add additional pages, simply remove a cardboard spacer (found in the binding) and add the additional pages.  Using the screw post extensions that come with every Tessera Book, you can add approximately 30-40 pages to your book. If you would like larger screw post extensions or additional screw posts contact us and we will get you what you need.
You can easily add insert Packs to your Memory Book without using Tessera Screw Post extensions. The books are designed with small cardboard spacers built in to the binding. Simply remove the cardboard spacer to add one to two Insert Packs to your book. If you are adding more than 30 additional pages, we recommend leaving the cardboard spacers in place and using the screw post extensions that came with your book or can be purchased.

Absolutely! We have over 30 different ribbons in stock – far too many to show every combination on our website. You can mix and match any ribbon and cover that you see on our website. If you don’t see a ribbon you like, just contact us and tell us what you’re looking for.

We accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal. All purchases are processed utilizing Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology, encrypting your credit card information and ensuring that all the shopping done on our website is safe and secure. When using PayPal, simply email your order details to sales@tesserapublishing.com and include your PayPal email address. We will send a “request for payment” from our PayPal account.

They say a pictures is worth a thousand words so we decided to show you the steps. Click here for step by steps with pictures!

Sometimes the screw posts can be stubborn. We suggest you use your thumb to push into the “T” side of the screw post while using a flat-head screw driver to unscrew the opposite side of the screw post. Be sure to turn the screw driver in a counter-clockwise direction (to the left) to unscrew.

You need to push the two ends of the screw post together to create the friction to unscrew them – otherwise you’ll end up turning the entire post and not unscrewing them. If you have one of those rubber kitchen gadgets used to open jars, that usually does the trick for more stubborn screw posts.

Yes, but there is an additional charge for non-US orders. Also, international orders must be placed via the telephone and can be paid by credit card or we can send a PayPal request for payment.

First, make a wholesale account on our Wholesale Registration Page. After your account is approved, you can order any number of books on our Wholesale Ordering Page.