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An Easy Way to Document Childhood Memories

My two very active and involved kids, of course, have books for every point in life.  Part of the reason Tessera continues to add books for older children is that I didn’t want to stop recording memories and milestones as the kids aged-out of the baby and grade school books.  One of the pages I use the most is the Places, Activities & Memories pages – sold in 12 page packs.  Pages are simply lined [...]

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The Perfect Gift For The Most Difficult Person To Buy For!

The Perfect Gift For The Most Difficult Person To Buy For! Get all your Holiday shopping done with one gift! In the perfect world, we would be sitting next to the fire sipping hot cocoa without a worry in the world during the holiday season… but we all know that is far from reality. They say that the holiday season is all about giving thanks and showing how much you appreciate someone, but that’s easier [...]

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Our Story

~ Our Story ~ It all started with an excited and ambitious first-time mom, Susan. As many new parents know, the exciting news of a child on the way, fuels countless new ideas, projects, and goals. With an endless to-do list, time seems to start moving faster and all the expectations start to seem more like a fantasy. Soon enough, the baby is born and it turns out there isn't enough time to eat let [...]

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