Memorial Guest Book


This unique Guest Book combines a traditional guest book with the personal touch of additional pages that celebrate the person as well as the details of a service and tributes. The guest pages can take the form of lines, boxes or blank pages which gives you the ability to record names, addresses and/or guest notes. Additional guest pages can be added if needed, and pages not used can be removed so your book looks and feels complete.


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All components of this book are made with premium materials and are uniquely designed so your book will be perfect in every way. Choose one of our many covers and then personalize it by adding cover accents such as a ribbon and/or plaque by selecting a cover layout. You can add Additional Insert Page packs to add more guest pages, details or photos.

What’s inside?  Fill the book with your choice of guest pages: lined, boxed, or blank. Other pages included provide a guide to record information about your loved one as well as details about the service and memorial gifts. Take a peek inside (PDF).  A combination of screw post binding and pages that are printed only on one side allows for pages to be easily removed or rearranged without losing any detail. Our collection of Additional Insert Page packs makes it easy to include more guest pages or more details about a loved one. View all Additional Insert pages available.


Product Details

Covers: All covers lay open flat, are 12.5″ wide by 9.75″ high and are made of premium cotton book cloth, leather, or handmade paper (paper covers have a natural and often uneven texture).       

Cover Accents: The cover layout options allow cover accents – a ribbon and/or personalized plaque – to be added to the book. 

  • Ribbons – Choose from our extensive collection of high-quality satin and grosgrain ribbons which can be styled as a bow or a flat ribbon.
  • Personalized Plaques Add a name, monogram, date or other personalized text to the front cover.  Select the font type and color and then provide up to three lines of text.  Plaques are made of two layers of high-quality textured cardstock.

Binding: Screw posts allow pages to be easily added or removed.  All books come with screw post extensions to expand the page capacity of the book.     

Pages: 42 acid-free, heavyweight pages, printed only on one side for maximum flexibility.  The book includes 18 guest pages of your choice, 14 commemorating pages, 5 pages for stories & notes, and 5 blank pages.  Pages that don’t apply or aren’t complete can easily be removed and the backside of the pages can be used for pictures and keepsakes or kept blank.  View all Memorial Book pages (PDF).

Guest Book Page Options:

  • A: Lined – 2 columns of 14 lines on each page for 28 names or 14 names with address. 
  • B: Boxed – 7 boxes on each page for names and addresses for 154 guests. 
  • C: Blank – Blank pages allow guests to add notes, cards, or pictures. 

Additional Insert Pages: As a companion to all Tessera Books, we have designed 12-page packs of Additional “Insert” Pages.  These pages are easy to add and provide a simple way to include additional pages for all your guests. Further customize the book by adding Keepsake Envelope Pages, Photo Pocket Pages or more Gift Pages. View all Additional Insert pages available.

Custom Title Page: For a beautiful start to your keepsake, add a personalized title page. View Custom Title Page examples.

Keepsake Box:  Books are gorgeously packaged in a keepsake box which doubles as a safe storage place for items not yet put in the book and makes the book gift ready. 

Tessera Guarantee   

At Tessera, we are dedicated to your satisfaction.  All our products are carefully designed and meticulously created with premium materials.  If you are not completely satisfied with your product, contact us so we can make it right.

Ideas & Inspiration


Read more… Check out our blog for more ideas, inspiration, and tips to help you with your Baby Memory Book.  They are not only ideas from our team but also from our customers! We love to hear from you so share your stories and ideas with us!


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