Memorial Guest Book


Everything you need to capture and protect the memories of your loved one.

Tessera’s Memorial Guest Book is an elegant and flexible alternative to a traditional guest book. With five guest page layout options, this book has the 25 guest pages you want, plus 8 pages for notes and stories from family and friends. Pages to include details of the memorial and tributes complete this book.

Additional pages for more guests or more stories & notes can be added if needed, and unused pages can be removed so your guest book looks and feels complete.


Memorial Guest Book


Choose one of our premium cotton book cloth, leather, or silk covers and then customize it by adding a ribbon and/or personalized plaque. Ribbons can be styled in a bow or flat, and personalization options include both text or a monogram Personalized Plaques. See all cover layout options.  All covers lay open flat and are 12.5″ wide by 9.75″ high.

*paper covers have a natural and often uneven texture.


Hidden screw posts allow pages to be easily added, rearranged or removed. All books come with screw post extensions to expand the page capacity of the book.

What’s Inside Tessera’s Memorial Guest Book

25 guest pages, 8 pages for stories & notes, 3 pages for memorial gifts and floral tributes and 5 pages to add details of the memorial. Take a peek inside. This book has 42 heavyweight pages, printed only on one side so pages can be easily removed or rearranged without losing any detail. Pages that don’t apply or aren’t complete can easily be removed. The backside of the pages can be used for pictures and keepsakes or kept blank.

Guest Book Page Options

Choose from 5 guest page options – lines, boxes, Guest Notes (two styles), or Stories & Notes – the 25 guest pages in this book will capture your guest’s names, addresses, notes, or best stories.

  • A – Lines – 2 columns of 14 lines on each page for 28 names or 14 names with address.
  • B – Boxes – 7 boxes on each page for names and addresses for 154 guests.
  • C – Guest Notes w/Scrolls – Blank pages allow guests to add notes, cards, or pictures.
  • D – Guest Notes w/Dots – Blank pages allow guests to add notes, cards, or pictures.
  • E – Stories & Notes – Each page has room for 4 guests to write anecdotes.

Additional Insert Pages

As a companion to our Memory Books, we have designed 12-page sets of Additional “Insert” Pages. These pages are easy to add and provide a simple way to completely customize your book so it’s perfect for your family. View all Additional Insert Pages available.  

Personalized First Page

Add a personalized title page for a beautiful start to your keepsake. View Personalized First Page Example.

Keepsake Box

Books are gorgeously packaged in a keepsake box which doubles as a safe storage place for items not yet put in the book.

Have Questions about the Memorial Guest Book?

View our FAQ page or send us an email at customerservice@tesserapublishing.com.

Ideas & Inspiration

How to Get the Most Out of Your Tessera Guest Book – It’s more than just a guest book. Click here for our favorite tips to help you get the most out of your Tessera Guest Book and create what will become a lasting and cherished keepsake in your home.

Read more… Check out our blog for more ideas, inspiration, and tips to help you with your Memory Book.

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  1. James

    This book is amazing! It is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for getting it to me so fast and doing such a great job with it.

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