Your guest book is more than a book of signatures – it’s a time capsule of the people that share in celebrating one of the most memorable days of your life. A small but essential part of any wedding and a sweet must-have for baby showers, retirement parties, birthdays, milestone events, and more – your guest book should perfectly reflect your event and capture the people that made it special.

Here, we share some of our favorite tips to help you get the most out of your Tessera Guest Book and create what will become a lasting and cherished keepsake in your home.

Pick Your Book

We’ve developed a suite of Guest & Memory Books to capture every event and occasion. Whether you’re hosting an event or you’re the guest of honor, you’ll find the right book with Tessera.

Our list of Guest and Memory Books include:

Design Your Guest Book

Either choose your preference of colors, or coordinate your book to your event color scheme using our selection of cover options and ribbon and/or plaque choices.
This works especially well for weddings and school graduations.

Same Sex Wedding Guest Book with Satin Gold Bow and gold plaque

White leaf silk cover with a gold silk bow

Marine Leather cover with gray dot ribbon and plaque

High School Memories Book with red leather cover and custom plaque shown with props

Red leather cover with plaque

No matter what you choose, you’ll receive a high quality, hand crafted book that perfectly reflects your style and the event.

Choose Your Style of Guest Pages

With 6 different styled options, you’ll find the perfect guest page for any event. Choose between lines, boxes, Guest Notes (with scrolls or dots), Well Wishes, or Stories & Notes.

How to Choose Your Pages

If you’re hosting a more intimate event such as a bridal or baby shower, the Well Wishes & Advice pages that come pre-set in these books provide the perfect amount of space for guests to write out their congratulations and words of wisdom. These pages also make a great choice for graduation party guest book. A new high school graduate will appreciate sage advice from parents and grandparents who have been there (if not until later in life 😊).

Well Wishes & Advice for newlyweds

For events such as a retirement celebration or a milestone party, Stories & Notes make a natural guest book page choice. Guests can write accolades and stories of good memories to the guest of honor, making their Tessera Guest Book all the more special.

If your event is on the larger side, such as a wedding, we suggest more traditional guest pages to capture names and addresses. Another fun option would be to use our blank guest pages to turn your guest book into a photo memory book. This can be easily done onsite with a polaroid camera. (For more wedding guest book ideas, see our recent blog post!)

Use Flexible Binding to Your Advantage

For most events, we suggest removing pages such as Guest Notes, Stories & Notes, or Well-Wishes beforehand so they’re easier for guests to fill out.

At a wedding, rather than setting out your whole guest book, remove the pages and place them on the table. Guests will be able to fill out or add their photos to more than one page at a time, and your custom cover will be protected from drink spills or accidental pen marks.

For smaller events, place pages at individual tables for guests to complete. Don’t forget to add a pen to each table, too!

Add the Pages Back to Your Book

After the event, have the host gather up the completed pages and add them seamlessly back into your book. Pages can be added in any order, and without any blank pages to take up space, you’ll be left with a guest book that looks and feels complete.

Later, complete your book by using the prompted pages to add any final details about your event. Add photos or ephemera such as save the dates, invitations, menus, or programs to any blank side or page to create a finished keepsake.

At Tessera, we know that each book is as unique as the memories it’s filled with. Send us a pic of yours @TesseraMemoryBooks on Facebook or Instagram, or email us at


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