Start with a Tessera Kids Travel Journal

Nothing adds more magic to an experience than seeing it through your child’s eyes. With Tessera’s Kids Travel Journal, kids can create their own vacation keepsake filled with those magic moments! Pages are packed with simple prompts and fill-in-the-blanks, serving as a fun guide for a child to document all of the details of a family vacation. The back of each page is blank, so there’s plenty of space for drawings and photos. Plus, each Journal comes with a sticker sheet that can be customized to your chosen destination!

blue Kids travel journal

Sticker sheet options for Tessera Kids Travel Journal

Just 6 out of our 19 sticker options!

Check Out Your Destination’s Official Travel Website

Once you’ve picked your destination and ordered your Kids Travel Journal, let the real planning begin! Are you traveling to Philadelphia? Head over to their official travel website for kid-friendly city guides and activities. Not only will their website help you come up with fun things to do for the family, but you can find information about which attractions require advance ticketing or registration. A must for travel in this day and age!

family at Hershey Park in Pennsylvania

Hershey Park, PA – 2018

It’s Their Vacation, too

So much to do, so little time! Involving your kids in the planning process helps them feel like they’re in control of their own vacation (even if that is not the case!). Make them feel like they’re in charge by giving them a choice. Ask your child “do you want to go to the zoo this afternoon, or the aquarium”? Even if you plan on doing both during your trip, when your kid feels like they get to make the decisions, it adds to their excitement – which translates to the experience they recall in their Travel Journals!

kids at the zoo in a wagon in front of the elephants

Use Downtime to Relax and Recap

Our Kids Travel Journal is a great downtime activity. After the excitement of the day, sometimes nothing is better than heading back to the hotel for some time to recharge. Use this time to relax and connect over the adventures you had together. The simple prompts of their Journal make it easy to recap favorite memories and experiences. Read them to your child and act as secretary to record their answers, or have them write their answers independently. Their responses might surprise you!

Add to the Keepsake When You’re Home

Thanks to smartphones, you’ll likely have hundreds of photos of your family vacation at your fingertips. Plus, getting them printed is easier than ever with the abundance of photo apps now available! With 6 Pictures and Keepsake pages, plus room on the back of each page, there is plenty of space in the Travel Journal to add photos from your trip. Kids can also fill in their Journals with drawings and stickers – on these pages, anything goes! Kids will love the activity, and you’ll love the lasting keepsake they create of your family vacation.

Need more travel or journaling tips? Check out our recent blogs post How to Use Our Kids Journals and How to Road Trip with Baby.


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