Just like a mosaic, life is made up of tiny, crazy, happy, exciting, and heartbreaking moments, and when pieced together, all of these moments make a beautiful and unique story. These stories deserve to be celebrated, recorded, and passed down!

At Tessera, we help you document the moments special to your unique family with our customized and personal Memory Books in a way that is beautiful, simple, and fun! Our books are designed with flexibility in mind. With their adjustable screw post binding you can easily remove pages that don’t necessarily fit your story, and you can add pages to expand on your memories. All books have the option to be customized with a plaque and a ribbon to fit your style.

If you’re interested in becoming an affiliate, we’ve simplified the process by placing our Baby Memory Book and Companion Pages on Amazon! This program is an ideal partnership for those offering content related to babies, families, and lifestyle. 

To learn more about becoming an Amazon Affiliate, click the link below. 

We can’t wait to grow together!