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They grow up so fast! Whether it’s your child’s first year in school or their last, we can help you make the memories last forever with our collection of childhood Memory Books and Companion Pages.

At Tessera, we make it easy to capture school activities, highlights, accomplishments, and more. Our heirloom quality Memory Books are bound with screw posts, which provide the flexibility to rearrange, remove, or add pages with our Companion Page Packs. These Companion Pages allow you to create a Memory Book customized to your child and the memories you want to keep. Add more detail, additional space for photos, or expand with more years.

Kids Journals

Celebrate the excitement of the school year with our Back to School and End of School Journals! Kids can create their own keepsake of school year memories, highlights, and details with the easy to complete prompts. There’s plenty of space for photos & creativity, and a themed sticker sheet adds to the fun! These Kids Journals are a great, unplugged way to squeeze in writing practice before or after the school year. 


Kids Journals to Capture the Year

Looking for unplugged fun all year long? We've got you! Our Kids Journals cover every event and occasion from January through December.

Documenting the School Years

The memories don't stop beyond the baby years, so why should your Memory Books? Read on for tips to easily document your child's school years using our Grade School, Middle School, and High School Memory Books.

How to Use Our Kids Journals

Looking back on your childhood, what particular memories stand out? Was it a magical Christmas morning, adventurous summer camp, exciting first day of school, or an awesome vacation? Whatever those memories may be, we want to help document them. Read on to find out how to use our Kids Journals to create a look back in time for your kids!

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