At Tessera, we know that new memories are made in every season of life. You celebrate family vacations, holidays, new experiences, a childhood team or activity, and everything in between – which is why we offer memory books for all occasions! But we also know that when life gets busy, keeping it simple is key.

Favorite Memories Additional Insert Pages. How to easily document childhood memories

Favorite Memories

When filling out your memory book, one of the easiest ways to add those childhood memories is with our Favorite Memories pages. An easy way to add something you want to remember, these pages are lined with space for a picture on the front, and are completely blank on the back. You can add these pages to any memory book, so whether you’re recording details of your favorite Mommy and Me class in your Baby Memory Book, your last family vacation for your child’s Grade School Memory Book, their first dance in their Middle School Memory Book, or the big team win in their High School Memory Book, these additional insert pages make for a super easy way to document the information you want to remember without giving it too much thought or effort.

Keep It Simple

I find it easiest to keep a stack of these pages at home where I can quickly attach a picture, jot down the date with a few details and highlights of a trip or event, and then add it to the corresponding book once the pages start stacking up. And it’s easy to duplicate a family trip or other event, so I’m able to add them to each of my kid’s books. It’s an easy way to keep my books organized and up-to-date, and the end result is just the same!

Events & Occasions Additional Insert Pages How to easily document childhood memories

Events and Occasions

Another option for adding details to your book is the Events and Occasions pages.  These pages have a line for a description and a date as well as lines for Details and for Favorite Memories.

What’s your favorite way to fill out your memory book? We’d love to hear your tips and tricks in the comments below!