The year is 2019. Your best friend has just gotten engaged to the person of their dreams! The date is set, the wedding venue is chosen, and you’ve gone to all of the dress appointments. Fast forward to 2020 and suddenly you find yourself navigating lockdowns, cancellations, and the uncertainty of what’s to come. All things that were never a part of “How to Plan A Wedding 101.”

By now in 2021, you’ve pivoted your plans, you’re a master at virtual meetings, and you’re coming up with creative solutions left and right. But what do you do when adjusting your plans means you won’t be able to host a traditional bridal shower? In a time where the tradition of handwritten well wishes isn’t always possible, our goal is to make your event special regardless of the circumstance!

Even if you’re hosting a wedding shower virtually, we have a personalized solution to include all of your guests in the memory of the day.

Wedding Shower Keepsake

Our Wedding Shower Guest and Memory Books are designed so that the pages are easy to add, remove, or replace, so you can plan ahead to include those special details.

Just like you’d mail out your RSVPs, you can mail out the Well Wishes and Advice pages with our Page Mailers to be completed by your guests ahead of time. Include a stamp, have them mail back their page before the shower, and there you have it! A beautifully curated, handwritten keepsake to celebrate your upcoming nuptials, just as if nothing had ever changed.

If your guest hasn’t sent the page back to you in time for your shower, make it a part of your virtual event! Guests can read their well wishes and advice, and dare you not to shed a tear. It’s a sweet way to celebrate the day near or far!

Another option to gather those well wishes? You can email the prompts to your guests and record their answers in the Well Wishes & Advice page. You’re still creating a handwritten keepsake, without needing to time it out with the postal service.

Our wedding shower prompts work for any journal or memory book – so if you already have one of  your own, use us for inspiration!  We’d love to hear how you’ve celebrated your virtual wedding shower in the comments below!