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Gift Card

Don’t know what to get or how to personalize a gift for that special someone? Send an e-gift card and have them pick out exactly what they want!
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Baby Memory Book

A modern twist on a classic tradition, Tessera's Baby Memory Book is the only baby book that embraces all families and provides a simple and stress-free way to capture a baby's milestones and important memories, from pregnancy through birthday number three.

By |February 25th, 2020|37 Comments

Baby Shower Guest & Memory Book

A personalized keepsake, a gorgeous guest book, and a perfect baby shower gift all in one! This Baby Shower Guest & Memory Book makes the concept of a simple guest book into a beautiful keepsake filled with personal messages and advice for mom and baby from loved ones. There’s room for 30 guests to write with additional pages to capture the shower details and gifts, as well as blank pages for pictures and keepsakes.

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Birthday Memory Book

Create a special time capsule for a child with details of each birthday and highlights of the year. The Birthday Memory Book has prompted pages for capturing 10 birthdays, with the ability to add additional years. You can start the book at any time or make it a special birthday gift to start on a child’s first birthday.

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Mother’s Day Memory Book

Create a family tradition that celebrates mom whether it's her first, fifth, tenth or twentieth Mother’s Day. Three pages for each year of 10 years provide a simple and heartfelt tribute to mom including the past year highlights and a page for notes, drawings or a letter to mom.

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Grade School Memory Book

Capture all the childhood memories, milestones, and activities you want to remember with this easy to complete Grade School Memory Book.  With pages for six school years, this book can be started at any time and additional years can easily be added so nothing is missed.  Designed to be compiled in real-time while a child is in grade school or organized and compiled after they’ve finished grade school and moved on.

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Middle School Memory Book

Capture all the activities, memories, and favorites from middle school in this easy to complete Middle School Memory Book. Designed to be compiled in real-time while a child is in middle school or organized and compiled after they’ve finished and moved on. Who knows, it might even be possible to enlist help from your middle schooler.

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Bar/Bat Mitzvah Guest Book

A personalized guest book and a meaningful keepsake of the rite of passage all in one!  The 42-page Tessera Bar/Bat Mitzvah Guest Book has 22 guest pages for family and friends to write personal notes as well as pages for gifts, event details, and photos and keepsakes. This special book will have long lasting meaning to the family, relatives, friends and especially the honored child. 

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High School Memory Book

Record all of a student’s high school activities, memories, and accomplishments. Designed to be completed in real-time, as high school comes to an end, or even years later. This Memory Book makes a great graduation gift, either given blank for the student to do, or to be filled-in by a thoughtful parent, grandparent, or friend.

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Guest Book

A modern Guest Book you can customize inside and out, this book is a perfect addition to any party or event! The Tessera Guest Book has 41 pages with three different page layouts to choose from.  Add more pages if you need them and take out the pages you don’t. Unlike other guest books, there’ll never be empty pages, so your book will look and feel complete.

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