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Mommy & Me – Single Mom Pages


This 12-page additional page pack is the perfect way to create a personalized baby book for a single mom. These pages ensure that there is no reference to dad or a couple, just “we as a family”.  Some pages replace pages from the baby book and some are additional pages to add to the baby book.

All additional insert pages can be seamlessly added to any Tessera memory book by using the adjustable screw post bindings. Prompted pages are printed on one side allowing for easy removal without losing other information and detail.



Page titles are: Starting The Journey, Preparing To Be A Mom, Planning For Your Arrival, Choosing Your Name, Welcome To The World, Home Sweet Home, Other Important People In Our Lives, Our Family, Together As A Family, Mommy & Me Time, A Letter To You, Reflections On Being A Mom. To view all of the pages https://tesserapublishing.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/insert-mommy-and-me-single-mom-pages.pdf


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