A modern twist on a classic tradition! We created our Baby Memory Book as a flexible alternative to a traditionally bound book. (Read about how we got our start!) With beautiful personalization options, easy-to-complete prompts, and the ability to add or remove pages, creating a custom baby’s first years memory book has never been easier.

Start by Selecting Your Cover

Our custom covers are created to last. Made from wrapped book board, covers come in cloth, leather, and silk options. Worried about sticky fingers or coffee spills? Don’t stress, our flexible binding means you can replace the cover if needed.

Pick Your Personalization

Choose from our multiple cover personalization options. If you’re purchasing the book as a gift for a friend, or your baby hasn’t been born yet, dress up the cover by adding a flat lay ribbon or bow.

If you know the details, you can add a personalized plaque with the baby’s monogram or name and birthday.

Tessera Cover Accent Options

Add Additional Insert Pages to Customize for Your Family

While nearly all prompted baby books on the market celebrate baby milestones, there are few that capture details specific to your unique family. With Tessera, if you started your family via IVF, had twins, chose adoption, or used a surrogate, your story can be recorded and preserved for your baby to read as they grow.

We’ve also designed Insert Pages to be inclusive of all families. Those with single parents, two moms, or two dads can add on to their baby’s memory book and replace pages that refer to mom and dad.

If you’re looking for more information to add, we have you covered there too! From the first holidays through the preschool years, your baby book can include as many (or as little) details as you wish.

Additional Insert Pages years 4-6 favorites page. Use to create a custom baby's first years memory book

Use the Screw Post Binding

We bind our Memory Books with hidden screw posts to give you more flexibility with the pages. Easily capture everything you want from your baby’s first years by adding in pages with details you want to remember. Then simply remove pages you don’t want to keep or don’t get the chance to fill out.

“I love that you can remove the pages! When I was pregnant with my third, we didn’t have a baby shower. With any other book I would have been stuck with blank pages. Not this one!” – Nicole

“I wanted to add more details each month after my baby was born, so I bought Baby’s First Year Pages. They were so easy to add to my book!” – Jenn

Our goal is to make it easy to capture the memories that matter. For tips on filling out your Baby Memory Book, see our blog post.

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The Best Baby Memory Book

December 15th, 2023|0 Comments

A modern twist on a classic tradition, our best-selling Baby Memory Book is better than ever! We’ve always recognized that all family structures deserve to be celebrated, and now our Baby Book works for single parents, two moms, or two dads without having to purchase additional replacement pages.